A Concise History of the Lions Club of Camp Hill Carindale Inc.





Chartered on the 6th August 1966 with Jack Tobin as Charter President.


The Club was originally named Camp Hill Lions Club; Carindale was included in a name change in June 1990.  The Club serves the communities of Camp Hill, Carina and Carindale.




Membership of the club has fluctuated from the original 24 members and progressively declined to 13 in 1998-99.  However, active club promotion and recruitment has increased membership to 19 at present.  The club is much more effective with higher membership and less demanding on individual members.




Carina & District Council for the Ageing:

In early 1970’s the club formed the Carina Senior Citizens Club in collaboration with Stones Corner Rotary Club.  The building also houses Carina Meals on Wheels.  Past District Governor Ken Scells is Chairman of the Committee of the Ageing.

International Lions Convention Brisbane 1991

A large number of members participated in the organization of the convention held at Boondall- it included an “Aussie Picnic” and a hugely successful City Centre March of Lions from all over the world.

Lions ParkNarracott Street, Carina

This was the late Lion Lew Phillips’ dream and progressively developed with the Brisbane City Council from 1992 to present date.  Gaming Commission grants of $4,000 and $6,500 plus council spending of around $20,000 has resulted in a marvelous park with amenities.

Club of the Year

The club won the prestigious title of “Club of the Year” in 1993-94 from 80 Clubs in District 201 Q1.  It was the culmination of an extremely busy year which included sponsoring the new Brisbane Finlandia club and raising $4,500 for a computerized Touch Talker for cerebral palsy victim Nicholas Thorley.

Bandstand at White’s Hill Reserve

The erection of a $40,000 Bandstand at White’s Hill reserve by 15 Lions and partners one weekend in February 1998 supporting local Councilor Michael Caltabiano.

Queensland Cancer Fund Door knock Appeal.

Lion Nev Davis and Lion Stan Rawlings have been Area Coordinators for the Carina, Camp Hill and Carindale suburbs for over 17 years. With the marvelous support from Lions and local residents over $100,000 has been raised for the appeal ($15,000 2002/03).

Australia Day Citizenship Ceremonies

The Club has conducted Citizenship Ceremonies for new Australians at Carindale shopping centre on 26th January each year since Australia Day 2000.




We participate in the Lions Youth of the Year Quest with entrants from 3 local High Schools.


We also sponsor Youth Exchange Students.


Lions Miss Personality Quest.

We regularly have an entrant in the quest to raise funds for the Lions Medical research Foundation. 

our 2001/02  entrant Stephanie Golding won the quest and was crowned Miss Personality.


Green Meadows Pensioner Units

We have supported the pensioners over the years with a Christmas Party, providing a TV set and Video, and each year donate Lions Christmas Cakes.


Christmas Cheer Donations

Each year the Club donates Christmas cake slices to two Meals on Wheels kitchens, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, and the Brisbane City Mission.


Lucky Envelopes at primary School Fetes

We regularly assist 3 local Primary Schools by raising funds for them by selling Lucky Envelopes.


Sausage Sizzle Catering

We are regularly invited by the B.C.C. and others to provide catering for outdoor activities



Fund Raising


The club annually raises over $40,000 from it’s varied projects which are used to support community charities and projects.