Oceania Search Engines, Portals and Web Directories

Search engines and directories that focus exclusively on Oceania domains or sites dedicated to Oceania.

Web Wombat
Search for sites in Australia/New Zealand domains, use the directory of top Australian resources, or see the top 100 most requested sites.

Australian Web Directory
Find it Down Under with this extensive search site, which features email, news, and mailing list directories in addition to Aussie Web sites.

LookSmart Australia
One of the most extensive directories of Australian Web sites, with city guides, local news, TV listings, magazines, and more.

OzSearch is an editorially created directory that contains only top quality Australian web sites.

A large, popular, search engine and directory focusing exclusively on Australian Web sites.

Anzwers uses the speedy and powerful Inktomi database to allow you to search Australian, New Zealand, or world-wide Web sites.

AAA Matilda
A very individual search engine from Australia, with a meta search interface for every country in Oceania.

AAA Matilda Tahiti
Search for Tahitian Web sites, or get the local news and weather from this tropical isle.

Access New Zealand
This directory of New Zealand search sites lets you limit your search to specific ".nz" subdomains.

NZExplorer indexes over 250,000 Web pages in New Zealand, allowing you to restrict search by keywords, domain type, and URLs.

Orientation Oceania
Coverage of more than 22 countries in the Oceania region, including news, weather, travel, and currency information for each country.

Papua New Guinea Net Search
Thought there aren't many Web sites in PNG (yet), this directory will help you find them.